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The Canada India Institutional Cooperation project (CIICP) is a Human Resource Development Project in Technical Education Department, launched in the year 1991 through a Memorandum of Understanding between Government of Canada and Government of India. Government of Canada through Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) funded the project. The project was implemented from 1993-1999 by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) under the overall direction of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. From 1999 onwards CIICP came under the exclusive control of Government of TamilNadu. To implement CIICP initiatives, Government of TamilNadu identified our Institution as Phase 1 replication polytechnic through State Project Coordination Unit (SPCU), Directorate of Technical Education in the year 1996. CIICP of our polytechnic believes that ,in the scenario of changing technology human resource development is the key to quality education. To achieve this goal of development and up gradation of human resource, CIICP conducts various programs in the following thrust areas.

• Strategic Planning
• Continuing Education
• Staff Development
• Women in Development
• Industry Institute Interaction
• Management Information System
• Environment Development
• Equipment Repair Center
• Student Services
• Curriculum Development


S.No Name of the Staff Position in SPIC
1. Thiru.R. Manivannan
Principal I/c
Principal & Chairperson
2. Tmt.M. Kanchana
Lecturer(Sl.Gr.)/ ECE
Process Champion & Strategic Planning Coordinator
3. Tmt.R. Madheshwari
Continuing Education Manager
4. Thiru.K. Balasubramanian
Chief Coordinator, IAPC
Industry-Institute-Interaction Coordinator
5. Tmt.K.Bhuvaneswari
Staff Development Manager
6. Thiru.M.Nadeesh
Lecturer/ CSE
Student Services Coordinator
7. Tmt.V. Dhivya
Women-In-Development Coordinator
8. Thiru.R .Udayakumar
Environment Development Coordinator
9. Thiru.M.K. Ramanan
Equipment Repair Centre Coordinator
10. Thiru.F. Omer Sheriff
Management Information System Coordinator
11. Thiru.S. Nagarajan
Project Officer/ NIA Institutions
Community Development Coordinator
12. Thiru.P.Sri Rajarajan
Curriculum Development Coordinator
13. Tmt.R. Sowkarthika
Strategic Planning Backup
14. Thiru.M.Nadeesh
Lecturer/ Computer
Continuing Education Backup
15. Thiru.P. Satheeshkumar
Industry-Institute-Interaction Backup
16. Thiru. S.Ranganathan
Lecturer /EEE
Staff Development Backup
17. Tmt.S. Uma
Students Services Backup
18. TTmt.V.S. Rathika
Women-In-Development Backup
19. Thiru.V. Gunasekaran
Environment Development Backup
20. Tmt.A.Velumani
Management Information System Backup
21. Tmt.K. Devi
Community Development Backup
22. Thiru.R.Srinivasa Raghavan
Curriculum Development Backup
23. Thiru.N . Thukkaiappan
24. Thiru.V. Ganesan
25. Thiru.P. Manivannan
Manager I/c./Office
26. Tmt.P.Anitha
Junior Asst Reprographic

Continuing Education Cell

The objective of Continuing Education cell is to offer a wide range of need based short term training programs in Engineering & Technology and other Value added courses. Hence, it enables the students to learn beyond the basic educational programmes and enhance their knowledge and skills. Certificates are awarded to the participants by the State Project Co-ordination Unit, Directorate of Technical Education ,Chennai.

List of courses conducted through Continuing Education Cell

• Entire Vehicle wire harness design using Arcadia software
• Energy Audit in Electrical Utilities
• Fundamentals of Robotics
• Robotics and Embedded systems
• Modern Surveying using Total Station
• Desktop Publishing
• Extended Three Dimensional Analysis of Building Systems (ETABS)
• C++ , HTML & MS Office
• Fundamentals of Electrical Circuits
• C Programming


S.No Academic Year Number of Beneficiaries
1. 2016-2017 474
2. 2017-2018 465
3. 2018-2019 460
4. 2019-2020 502
5. 2020-2021 73

Staff Development cell:

The main objective of the Staff Development Cell is to engage in continual improvement of the human resources capacity of the Polytechnic and thereby promote allegiance of the staff to the Institution’s vision and core values. Through Faculty Development programme, modern and innovative technologies and tools are taught thereby improving the relevant knowledge and competencies and attitudes of all the categories of staff at all levels to provide the best learning experience to the students. Staff Development Cell conducts Online webinars in emerging technologies to enhance the knowledge of staff members. During the Academic year 2020 – 2021, following webinars are organized for the staff members of various Institutions.

• Artificial Intelligence and IoT
• IoT in Raspberry Pi
• Theory and Practice of Learning Frame work
• Colorful Printing
• Recent Trends In Electric Drives
• Choosing a  Right career in Textile and Apparel Industry
• Seismic Behavior of Unreinforced Brick Masonry Buildings
• Screen Printing – Techniques and opportunities
• Design of Cold Storage
• Marunthena Vendavam (Tamil)
• Effective Time Management and Digital Etiquettes
• Construction Safety in Civil Engineering
• Security Trends In Automotive Electronics system
• Design of Electronic Control Unit for Automotive Applications

Details of Training Programmes attended by Staff Members:

S.No Academic Year Number of Staff members
1. 2016 – 2017 12
2. 2017 – 2018 51
3. 2018 – 2019 29
4. 2019 – 2020 27
5. 2020 – 2021 31

Women in Development Cell

Women in Development cell was started with an objective of improving and developing the status of women on social, educational and economic grounds. To achieve this Nobel goal of women empowerment, various need based programmes like seminars, guest lectures, competitions, etc are being organized every year for women staff and girl students.

Contact us

Mrs.R.Madheswari, Lecturer (Sl.Gr.) / ECE
Con.Ed. Manager
Nachimuthu Polytechnic College
Pollachi – 642 003.
E-Mail ID: ciicpnptc@gmail.com