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Concrete & Construction Laboratory

1Vee-bee Consistometer
Power:0.75 kN
Vibrating Table:380 mm X 360mm
Slump Cone:bottom 200 mm Dia
Top 100 mm Dia
Height 350 mm Dia

2Abrasion Testing Machine
Motor Capacity:0.75 Kw
Speed:30 rpm
Size of specimen :50 mm Dia
50 mm Height
3Flexure Testing machine
Dia of roller:40 mm
Distance of Support:20 cm
4Vibrator Testing Machine
Motor Capacity:1HP
Maximum Number of Cubes:4
Operating Frequency:4000 mm
Table size:600mm x 600 mm
5California Bearing ratio Testing Machine
Plunger Dia:50 mm
Spacer Disc 148mm dia
Height 47.7 mm
Slotted weight -2.5 kg-2 Nos
147 mm dia with 53 mm Hole
Rammer 4.89 kg ,450 mm drop.
6Rebound Hammer
Housing Dimension 55x55x255mm
Weight 570 g
Impact Energy 2.207 Nm
Compressive Strength Range – 10-100N/mm2