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Hydraulics Laboratory

1Reciprocating Pump
Double Acting Single Cylinder of piston Diameter of 88 mm & Stroke length of 44.5 mm with 1HP Motor With a speed of 1380 rpm

2Centrifugal Pump 
Motor with 0.5HP With a speed of 2820rpm
Pump size :20 mm Inlet
3Bernoulli’s Apparatus
Motor Capacity:0.5HP
Collecting Tank Size=300x300
6 Inlet pipes from 58mm to 32 mm
4Pipe Friction Apparatus
Motor Capacity:0.5HP
Pump size: 25 mm x25mm
Copper pipe Dia:12.5mm
Aluminium pipe Dia:12.5mm
Stainless Steel Pipe:12.5 mm Collecting Tank size:400mmx400mm
Length of pipe:1.2 m
Motor Capacity:0.5HP
Pump size : 25 mm x25mm
Throat Dia:15 mm
Collecting Tank size:400mmx400mm
Orifice Dia :15mm&20mm
6Notches Apparatus
V Notch 900
Rectangular notch 85 mm width Trapezoidal notch bottom width 75 mm made up of Brass connected to motor with 0.5HP,Pump size:20 mm Inlet
7Orifice Apparatus
Motor Capacity:0.5HP
Pump size:25 mm Inlet
Collecting Tank size:300mmx300mm
Orifice Dia:15mm&20mm
Supply Tank Size:300mmx300mm
8Mouthpiece Apparatus
Motor Capacity:0.5HP
Pump size :25 mm Inlet
Collecting Tank size:300mmx300mm
Mouthpiece Dia :15mm
Supply Tank Size:300mmx300mm