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            The NCC was created as University Corps under the Indian Defence Act, 1917 with the objective to train students for the Army. In 1920, when the Indian Territorial Act was passed, the “University Corps” was replaced by the “University Training Corp[s” (UTC). In 1942, the UTC was renamed as the “University Officers Training Corps” (UOTC). In September 1946, a committee was set up under Kunzru for the establishment of a nation-wide youth organization. The “National Cadet Corps” (NCC) came into existence on 15th July 1948 under National Cadets Corps Act (No.XXXI of 1948) passed by the parliament. The Army NCC unit in Girls Division was introduced in 1949. Air force and Naval NCC Units followed soon in 1950 and 1952 respectively. This voluntary youth organization, which started with 20,000 cadets, is today probably the largest uniformed youth organization in the world with 13 lakh cadets (boys and girls). The NCC Head quarters are located in New Delhi. Control and co-ordination of the activities are exercised through 17 State Directorates. NCC Officers Training Academies are located at Kamptee for Male Officers and Gwalior for Women Officers.




·         Obey with smile,

·         Be Punctual

·         Work hard without Fuss,

·         Make no excuses and tell no lies.


·    To develop character, comradeship, Discipline, leadership, secular outlook, Spirit of adventure and the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country.

·    To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life and always available for the service of the nation.

·    To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces.



     NCC Army wing for senior division was started in Nachimuthu Polytechnic College 30 years back. It comes under the 4(TN) Battalion NCC Coimbatore. Ever since its inception it has been functioning extremely well with the constant and motivating support from the Principal and NCC officer. The permitted strength of 52 cadets are enrolled. All the cadets are selected based on their skills and ambition. The main aim of NCC is to cultivate Unity and Discipline. All the selected cadets get trained in various fields such as Foot Drill, Weapon drill, firing and Weapon Training. Routine parades are conducted in the evenings. Cadets participate in ’B’ and ‘C’ certificate exams every year. Annual camps are also arranged every year. Lt. P.Srirajarajan, Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering is the ANO of NCC unit from May 2019.


     Separate forms for enrolment are available with the Company Commander (ANO). Cadets are enrolled on special day, called enrolment day; on that day cadets are selected based on their physical fitness, athletic performance, and long jump etc.

       Enrolment in NCC is purely voluntary and has no service liability. Only the first and second year degree class students are eligible for enrolment.

  •      A cadet is expected to complete 80 hours of training per year spreading over the period from August to February.
  •     He/She is eligible for 'B' certificate, only if he/she puts in two years of service in NCC with minimum 75% attendance parade and one training camp.
  •     Cadet is eligible for 'C' certificate, only if he/she puts in three years of service in NCC with minimum 75% attendance of parade, and attend one special camp with two  training camps. 

     Enrollment form - Click to download


The National Cadet Corpos is headed by a Director General, an Army Officer of the rank of Lieutanant General, who is responsible for the functioning of the National Cadet Corps in the country through the National Cadet Corps Headquarters situated at Delhi. At the State Level, the country has been divided into 17 Directorates covering all States and Union Territories. Each of the State National Cadet Corps Directorate Headquarters controls two to fourteen Group Headquarters. While Directorates are commanded by Brigadiers or their equivalents, the Groups are commanded by Colonels or equivalents from the Air Force and the Navy, NCC Units are commanded by Major/Lieutenant Colonel or their equivalents. 


Apart from training and preparing the youth for future challenges in NCC, cadets are given various benefits in terms of job opportunities, scholarships and financial aid in time of any tragedy while doing any NCC related activities. These incentives are announced from time to time both by the Central and State Governments. These incentives are in the field of employment as well as academics and personal including medals, trophies, cash award etc. The best incentive being the vacancy reserved for ‘C’ certificate holding cadets for the commission as officer in the Indian Army.

Incentives By The Central Government 

(a) For ‘C’ Certificate Holders. Specific vacancies in the Army, Air Force and Navy are allotted for NCC ‘C’ certificate holders. For officers there is no UPSC written exams. After application, the cadet is called directly for SSB interview, which he/she has to clear before final selection as per the merit list. The following vacancies are reserved by each service as officers:

Army: 64 seats per year at IMA & 100 seats per year at OTA.

Navy: 06 seats per course through Naval SSB.

Air Force: 10% vacancies in all courses through Air Force SSB.

(b)        5-10% bonus marks for recruitment in ranks in Army, Navy and Air force.

(c)        Bonus marks for employment in CAPF/ Para Military Forces and Department of Telecommunication.

(d)       Can apply for gazetted post in CRPF if the cadet is a graduate.

(e)       Preference in State Services and also in private sectors.

(f)        Employment within NCC as Whole Time Lady Officer, Girl Cadet Instructor, Aero and Ship Modeling Instructor.

(h)       In Air Force Academy 5% seats are reserved for Girl candidates holding NCC ‘C’ certificate.

(j)        In OTA Chennai, seats are reserved for Girl candidates holding NCC ‘C’ certificate (Seats are notified every year).

Employment Concession by state government

Preference is given by various state governments to the NCC ‘B’/ ‘C’ certificate holders for Recruitment in following departments:-

(a) Police Service.

(b) Transport Department.

(c) Forest Department.

(d) Excise Department.

(e) Preference to the Girl Cadets as nurses, receptionists and telephone operators.


·        Unit ANO Lt.P.Srirajarajan PRCN Course at Kamptee from 26.07.2021 to 23.10.2021.

·       16 Cadets attended the CATC Cum TSC Training CAMP at SNS College from 15th June to 24th June 2019

·     On behalf of NPTC an Awareness programme on Drug abuse and illicit trafficking was conducted on 26.06.2019 and Mr.R.Venkataraman Inspector of Police, Pollachi (East) delivered the awareness speech to the Cadets. on 8th August 2019 ,

·       Independence day and Republic day were Celebrated in our Campus and  march-past was done by our Cadets

·       22 Cadets participated in the CATC cum IGC RDC Launch camp at Dr.MCET from 01st October to 10th October 2019

·   Awareness program on Cleanliness was conducted for the cadets and Other students on October 2019 Block development officers of Pollachi delivered awareness speech to the participants.

·     Under Swatchhta Bakhwada Scheme Cleaning and plogging activity was conducted by the cadets on 11th December 2019 at Unjavelampatti village.

·     Trekking Camp was Conducted at Belgum,Karnataka from 14 December to 21 December 2 students were participated.

·         15 Cadets participated in the ATC camp at RVS college of Arts and science, Coimbatore   from 11th February to 13th February 2021.

·         Regular Parades are conducted to the cadets every month with the presence of PI staff from Battalion.


Lt. P.Srirajarajan.,

Associate NCC Officer (ANO)

Nachimuthu Polytechnic College,


Mail us at: ncc@nptc.ac.in

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